The Princess Trap, Talia Hibbert

The Princess Trap is the first book I've read from Talia Hibbert and I'll be reading more. I loved the body positivity, the dominate male who isn't an alphahole, and the steaming sex scenes.

Cherry is a delight. A large, Black woman who uses her curves to devastating effect, yet remains insecure beneath the lip gloss and bluster. She craves to meet a man who'll stand against her feminine wiles, so when Ruben fits that bill, she's very interested indeed.

Ruben loves control, but despite being a dominant man in a romance, he isn't a complete tool. Sure, he makes mistakes and has moments of arrogance, but doesn't everyone? He's incredibly caring towards Cherry, making sure that she's comfortable with the light bondage and that's she's okay after their more, ah, enthusiastic sex sessions.

My only complaints about The Princess Trap is that Ruben's brother Harald is something of a pantomime villain, with no insight into why he behaves as he does, with my second issue being over the formatting. Getting irritated at capitalised He and She after a sentence of dialogue might seem petty, but I couldn't help myself.

Overall, The Princess Trap is a sexy story with a fabulous heroine who'll stay with you for some time.

The Geeky Girl Tag

What is your must-have tech gadget?

Ever since I swapped out my iPhone for a OnePlus, my must-have is my mobile. It serves as my diary, camera, music/audiobook player, and – of course – phone. Really the only reason I use my laptop more over my phone is that my eyesight’s bad (I need varifocals, but it’s affording them. So right now there’s a lot of squinting going on.

Which house do you belong to in Hogwarts?


Who is your favourite Doctor?

All of them! My first Doctor was Tom Baker and I’ve infinite love for the classic series. The ‘reboot’ has been fantastic (sorry, had to) and I loved Capaldi’s Doctor, but I’ve no particular favourite. But get me on the subject of the Master…

If you could have dinner with any fictional character, who would it be?

Elizabeth Bennett. I think we’d get on pretty well.

What is your gaming system of choice?

I don’t have one. I’m really not a gamer. Though I do have Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on my phone, and I did have Pokemon Go for a while.

What is your favourite fantasy world?

This is a very difficult one as there’s so many amazing worlds to choose from. But I’m going to go with Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. So many diverse and amazing characters set in a whimsical, hilarious, fascinating world bursting with magic. There’s no other world quite like it!

If you could be any fictional race, what would you be?


Star Trek or Star Wars?

Trek! Sure, Voyager and Enterprise were a little ropy at times, but DS9 was brilliant and I love rewatching it. And I devoured the recent Star Trek: Discovery series.

List your top 5 geektastic movies or TV Series (in no particular order)


Doctor Who

Star Trek: Discovery

Great British Bake-Off


List your top 5 favourite video games (in no particular order)

Again, I’m not a gamer (any more) but back in the day I loved Pikmin and Lemmings

Personal Space

We join the Overture – a generational spaceship on its way to Earth’s nearest star (after the Sun) – 25 years into its journey and the changeover from the first shift to the second. Tensions begin when Robert King, the Commander of the first shift, decides replacement Gail Gartner isn’t up to the job.

The drama of Personal Space is centred on the therapy room, where the awake crew members talk things over with AMI, the ship’s AI, unaware that their sessions are being broadcast to Earth as reality TV. Audio clips are also saved and relayed to other crew out of context, causing further friction.

The episodes are short, akin to Big Brother’s Diary Room, and the viewer is quickly pulled into the claustrophobic atmosphere. A small budget actually works in the show’s favour in making the Overture look like a 25 year old ship, complete with gaffer tape repairs and barely-working door, with the majority going towards some nifty exterior CGI, and a star-studded cast, headed by the late Richard Hatch [Battlestar Galactica] in one of his last appearances.

One thing I loved was the inclusion of King’s character being a sci fi fan, a moment under which the soundtrack when into a touch of the original BSG theme. That made me smile and get a misty eyed.

Hatch is joined by Nicki Clyne [Battlestar Galactica reboot] as Gartner, Kurt Yaeger [Sons of Anarchy] as engineer Freeman, Sean Persaud [Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party] as doctor “Blasto” and Vivi Thai as biologist Li, whose first name AMI refuses to pronounce properly. They’re eventually joined by Captain James LaBarre, played by perennial bad guy Cliff Simon [Stargate SG1]

Personal Space is a 28 episode series you can easily binge in an afternoon, and highly recommended.

Planning for a Convention

I hadn’t really planned on attending a convention other than a couple of local Comic Cons this year, but then Cal Mah – a fan-run Stargate con – announced Cliff Simon as one of their guests. So this very happy fan is now planning for a weekend away, despite the fact that the convention is seven months and two days away (yes, I am counting!)

So how does one plan for a convention? (more…)

Favourite Musical Episodes

I’ve got a theory… that every show needs a musical episode. This harks back to what’s probably the most famous musical episode – Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Once More, With Feeling – and whether the singing fits the storyline as in OMWF, or is there for comedic effect, I absolutely love musical episodes. (more…)

March Pop In A Box

I have been dying to get into Funko Pops! for ages, but the sheer scale of their ranges left me at a loss as where to start. Then I discovered Pop In A Box* and my problem was solved – I’d just have someone make the impossible choice for me! My box arrived today and this is what I got. (more…)

Ginger’s Easter Egg Run

Ginger’s Easter Egg Run, led by the Bike Marshals. Photo © Johnathan Coombes

Every year, the Ginger’s Easter Egg Run runs from Leigh to Manchester Children’s Hospital, taking eggs to the kids stuck in hospital over the Easter holidays. When it first started, the eggs were carried by the bikers, but as the event got bigger – and the donations increased – we had to use cars to carry them. This year was the 31st run and we needed a Transit van! (more…)