Decluttering and Poverty

This post was sparked by Jack on Twitter. She’s looking at moving, with the flat in question being smaller than her current, and she’s asked for ideas on how to downsize her stuff. Now there are tons of how-to’s online, but Jack – like me – struggles with decluttering/downsizing because we’ve both been poor. Getting rid of stuff when you are, or have been, poor is extremely hard to do. (more…)

Why The Voice UK Speaks To Me

If you’ve not seen it, The Voice UK is a talent show for singers. The premise is very simple, and very different from say The X Factor – the judges don’t face the stage during the performance. They can turn only if they like what they hear. The person singing can be male, female, trans, white, black, overweight, underweight, young, old, in a wheelchair, whatever. The judges have no idea until they turn around.

The contestants are judged on ability alone.