Day 7 – Hottest Character

I managed my last post on this particular subject without too much fangirling, but I’ve a feeling this one won’t be as… circumspect.

 This is Baal.

Introduced in Season 5’s mid-series two-parter Summit/Last Stand, Baal is one of the Goa’uld; an alien parasite that takes over human bodies. He was brought back for Abyss, where he gained notirat for torturing SG1’s leader Jack O’Neill to death. Repeatedly.

Whiiich so far might leave you scratching your head and wondering if I’m writing the right blog post. I assure you that I am.

See Baal is charming. And very good looking. And played by the lovely Cliff Simon, with his lovely South African accent. *sigh*

Baal pops in and out of SG1, usually causing trouble, but not always. Later seasons has him occasionally helping SG1, though admittedly only when it suits his purposes. Still it does give an insight into how he would have been as an ally – something I wish TPTB had investigated further.

My favourite Baal episodes are Insiders and The Quest (a two-parter). Insiders has him crashing a spaceship just shy of Stargate command and engaging SG1’s help in tracking down his clones. The Quest sees one of the clones team up with SG1 in pursuit of an ancient device that’ll sway the war against another alien species, the Ori.

Insiders is a fav as it features 22 clones. That’s a lot of Cliff for your money! The Quest is just a delight as he has all the best lines and there’s this thing with Sam Carter that ends up with her punching him. Of such things, ‘ships are made (I’m an absolute sucker for enemies-to-lovers romances.)

Gorgeous and charming, intelligent and snarky, Baal could have been written with me in mind, and I adore him (and his alter ego) to absolute pieces.


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