ST: Discovery | The Wolf Inside

Okay, I’m going to skip the boring recappy stuff and go right in at the Big Reveal.

Ash was mostly outed as Voq last week but – after a mission gone wrong – the conditioning has finally snapped and Voz comes back with full force. He reveals himself to Michael and destroys any hope any of us had for a HEA for them.

I am still having major issues in believing it’s possible to physically turn a Klingon into a human. All that surgery (and don’t Klingons have different blood?) plus the mental conditioning in just three weeks? Yeah, I’m not buying it. Maybe Voq died on the operating table but the Matriarchs managed to supplant his mind onto Tyler’s. Either way, what the heck is Starfleet going to do with him now?

Anyway, back to The Wolf Inside and the Biggest Shock That Wasn’t. I don’t think there’s a Trekkie who hadn’t figured out that the Terran Emperor would be Philippa Georgiou.

Yet while Ash and Georgiou are two big and noisy thinds, I can’t help but notice the quietness of Lorca. He’s one of those characters you can trust when he’s loud and brash. Quiet? Not in a million years. He ought to be horrified and betrayed by Ash’s true identity. Yet he offers weak sympathy to Michael. And his reaction to Georgiou isn’t brimming with shock. So I’m going to call it here and now – Lorca is either originally from the Mirror Universe, or he’s been there before.

Either way, he knows more than he’s letting on to. Something that worth suffering the pain tube for. So while the “wolf inside” is obviously Ash, maybe it’s also a hint that Lorca isn’t all he seems.

Inside from the reveals, The Wolf Inside is a bit… lacklustre? There’s tension, but as a viewer, I know full well that Michael will survive and get back to the Discovery eventually. Lorca keeps getting shoved in a pain tube, but he’s clearly lucid afterwards, so there’s no danger there. Sure Emperor Georgiou sees an uptick in the odds stacked against them, yet aside from the emotional impact, I don’t see what difference that revelation is going to make.

I think the problem is that the latter half of this season is obviously a long game dealing with intrigue and that’s not what I signed on to watch. If I wanted political shenanigans, I’d watch The West Wing. But I don’t and I’m not. This is sci fi. It’s Star Trek. I want adventure and new worlds and weird aliens. I want the Discovery to actually discover something!

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