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One of the annoying things about being A Woman Of A Certain Age is facial hair. There are days my moustache can rival my husband’s! So when a Groupon for the Finishing Touch Flawless epilator dropped in my inbox, I didn’t hesitate in buying it.

It arrived the other day and honestly I wasn’t overly impressed. It felt a little cheap. Still, I’d bought it and had a spare battery, so what the heck. I gave it a go.

And immediately changed my mind!

Despite the cheap feel – the switch isn’t great – the epilator does do what it says on the tin. The tip is smooth and doesn’t catch, meaning hair removal is quick and painless. I like that it looks like a lipstick – I’d have no worries popping this in my purse as anyone seeing it wouldn’t guess otherwise. I also like that it only requires one AA battery, because it doesn’t use up a lot of power and is also light in weight.

In short, if you need an epilator that’s easy to use, portable, and fits your budget, you can’t go wrong with a Finishing Touch Flawless!


Disclaimer: I bought the Finishing Touch Flawless epilator with my own money and am not being reimbursed in any way from either Finishing Touch or Groupon for this review.

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