I want to say first that I agree 100% that we need to reduce our plastic consumption for the environmental well-being of our planet. I am in no way arguing that plastic pollution isn’t important. We’ve all seen photos of birds, animals and fish caught up in beer can rings, fishing net, etc.

However, as I was browsing the #PassOnPlastic hashtag I saw a couple of people raising “unnecessary” packaging for pre-cut fruit and vegetables.

Whether it’s ready-sliced or peeled, these things aren’t for “lazy” people – they’re for those with limited mobility in their hands, wrists and/or arms. Yes, more abled people will maximise on the availability and grab, especially if they’re going to work, and I’ve no issue with this. What I do have an issue with is people calling for a ban on such products without considering who they’re really for and the impact their removal would be.

Unnecessary packaging vs accessible packaging
Are we really telling people who struggle preparing fruit and vegetables that they can’t have them? That they should give up an independent life and have someone come in to prepare their meals? (Like those in that position have the funds for that!)

Does the packaging of prepared fruit and veg need to be looked at? Heck, yes. But the solution needs to be financially accessible as well as environmentally friendly. Again, I’m not talking about the busy worker grabbing a snack on the way to work, but people with arthritis, recovering stroke victims and those with motor neutron difficulties who rely on pre-prepared, easy-to-open packaged items.

In this day and age, I simply don’t see why we can’t tackle environmental issues and maintain accessibility.