Where Do I Go From Here?

If that wasn’t enough to get the Buffy song stuck in your head, here’s a gif

I’m feeling Spike; enough, I’m done.

Okay, let’s backtrack a little so you have some background. I’ve been writing since 2001, beginning with fanfic (stories set in a television/movie universe) and then branching out into original. I’ve had some success, with several novellas published and even a couple of awards. Writing has been my major focus since my first book was published in 2011. That’s seven years.

So to go for three weeks without writing… well, it’s not unheard of – I’ve had dry spells before – but this feels different. As in I-don’t-even-want-to-write-fanfic different. As in I’m not feeling guilty for not writing. Nothing is sparking my imagination. Not reading, not watching TV, not trawling Tumblr for my favourite ‘ships.

Am I depressed? I don’t think so, though it can be hard to tell. But I am embracing other creative outlets, especially crochet, where the ideas are coming thick and fast, so I don’t think so. Which leads me back to the question of why I’ve absolutely no desire to be writing stories.

Maybe I’m just done writing? Can I be done writing?

Maybe. Maybe I need a longer break. For the moment, I’m grabbing hold of this tweet from Ann Aquirre:

Mudpie Fridays

9 thoughts on “Where Do I Go From Here?

  1. Sometimes you need a break. I write supernatural fiction and have been working on a few stories for years. My oldest story that I have yet to finish is 10 years old so I know how you feel. When the inspiration runs dry, what do you do? It’s one of the reasons I started my blog because I was doubting my own writing and if it was really my path. Even with blogging though, I do still need to take a break sometimes. The quote is perfect because its so true. Sometimes you need to step back and take care of yourself first. Writing will always be there if you choose to return to it. #BloggerClubUk
    Michelle recently posted…Celebrating Valentine’s Day with My 15 All-Time Favorite Love SongsMy Profile

    1. That’s exactly why I started this blog! I needed somewhere away from my “professional self” where I could kick back and chat about nonsense. Thanks for commenting – it really does help hearing from someone who understands. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you need to take a break and see how you feel later on down the line. I’m sure you could return to writing in some capacity (unless you don’t want to). I’ve written loads since I was young – nowhere near as accomplished as you, not even close, but I do go through dry spells that can last months. A change can be as good as a rest so take time to explore creative outlets. After a while my yearning to write fiction comes back again. #mondaystumble

    1. I’ve been quiet on the writing front for a while now, but I’m not overly worried. If it comes back, it comes back. If not, then I’m enjoying writing on here enough to be honest. It’s far more laid back.

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