Why I’m NOT a Mummy Blogger

Whenever I meet someone new and we’re talking about the usual subjects new people do – what you do for a living, the weather, etc, etc – there’s one question I’m always braced for: how many kids do you have?

No, that’s not quite true. It’s not the question I dread, but the reaction to my answer. Because it’s always a variation on a theme and honestly? I’m sick of the wide eyes, the jokes, and the “gosh, that must keep you busy!” remarks.

Oddly though, despite having a large family, I’m not a mummy blogger. Why? There are lots of reasons but top of the list is that I’m actually not that maternal. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. Yours? Not so much. I’ve been to Mums & Tots groups and absolutely hated it, because no one talked about anything but their kids. And I don’t care.

Of course, these days I’m mum to teens and above, so a bit passed the whole mummy blogger thing anyway, but I doubt this blog would have looked much different had it launched ten years ago. The internet has always been my escape from the mundane routine that’s being a mum. MSN Groups (remember them?!) were a sanity-saver when I had three under 3 and barely left the house. The last things I wanted to talk about was potty training or teething or anything to do with children.

There are women (and men) would totally embrace parenthood. I did… inside the home. I loved being pregnant and I loved keeping track of their milestones. But outside of those walls, I needed to be more than just “Mum”, and I often resented being pushed back into that box.

I was – and am – more than the children I produced.

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11 thoughts on “Why I’m NOT a Mummy Blogger

  1. I used to love all the mummy stuff and would read it for hours, and join in the talk….but now my kids are grown up and the broody gene is well and truly put to rest, I just can’t feel it anymore. Yeh, great you’ve just found out your pregnant, and whoopee the baby is born….but everything else? Just not interested any more, and can’t even pretend to be.

  2. I don’t have children, so I’ve always wondered about mommy blogging and why so many women get into it, aside from the business angle, perhaps. I mean, being a mother is beautiful no doubt, but wouldn’t you want to be more than just a mum? Sounds like your blog serves as a good outlet for you and your interests 🙂 #LGRTStumble
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  3. It’s easy to be shoved into that “Mum” box isn’t it but sometimes it’s nice just to be recognised as a person in your own right. Someone with a personality and thoughts of their own that don’t necessarily constantly revolve around the kids. #LGRTStumble
    Pickinguptoys recently posted…Knobheads, Knobheads EverywhereMy Profile

  4. This is refreshing to read. Too many of us lose our own identity when we become parents – I am definitely one of them. You’ve absolutely got the right attitude to the whole thing, being a mother doesn’t define you and nor should it. Oh, and I can’t stand other people’s children either. #LGRTStumble
    Plutonium Sox recently posted…When your dream horse comes to lifeMy Profile

  5. I’ve always said that as a parent you lose your identity. You’re not a person anymore just someone’s mum, and let’s be honest it sucks. But for me, even though I mostly blog about parenting (and mental health), it doesn’t feel baby related! It’s the one thing I do for just me that feels neither baby related nor law related, even though that makes up a lot of my content. It’s just me writing and I love that. #LGRTStumble

  6. Here, Here! That is one of the reasons I want to change my blog name. I don’t write about my boys very often and the point of writing was actually nothing to do with parenting but I don’t get a lot of traffic my way by other readers and bloggers who aren’t clumped into the mommy blogger category. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mommy bloggers but my intentions for my blog are separate. I am more than just a mother but for me, my boys are also my world so it’s a tricky place for me. I think for me, my blog is about so much more than just parenting and I want to be appreciated as more. #LGRTStumble
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  7. My children are in their teens too and as I only started my blog when they were 8 or 9 I’ve never been a mummy blogger. That said, I can absolutely see why blogging must be a great support to new mums. I never went to toddler groups either (as I returned to work) and wished I’d have known about the world of blogs (not they were such a big thing 15 years ago). #keepingitreal

  8. Hi Misa, I was a bit like you. In fact, I wasn’t overly keen on having children but had a change of heart when I reached 27 and never looked back (luckily parent and toddler groups weren’t a thing here when mine were small). The worst thing anyone could ask me to do is to watch their child, even now. Being a Mum shouldn’t change how people see us, but unfortunately, it does seem too. I do feel like I am ‘me’ again, and I’m not much different to pre-children, just a lot older and wiser… Hang in there, ‘you’ are just around the next corner!

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.

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